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Prioritise Patients Over Administrative Work

Allow doctors and frontline clinicians to focus on patient care by automating the SAR response process and reducing administrative paperwork.

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Replace manual workflows with an automated SAR management solution for reviewing and redacting a dataset containing hundreds of files. Save up to 75% of your time on each SAR process.

Never Miss a SAR or Deadline Again provides full visibility of the SAR process, including the deadline, who’s responsible for the SAR, and any further action needed. We provide one centralised management hub, which helps you keep on top of all your SARs.

Respond to SARs in Just a Few Days

Our clients have managed to reduce the time required for SAR responses by up to 75%, cutting it down from weeks to just a couple of days. Imagine the impact of investing this freed-up time into the core business.

Reduce Errors with Automated Processes significantly reduces the likelihood of human errors in the administrative process. By automating complex and repetitive tasks, ensures accuracy and consistency, eliminating the risk of human error.

Your Reputation is Core

When it comes to third-party data, GDPR compliance is crucial. All third-party and private data must be securely protected, and any cross-contamination must be avoided at all costs to avoid reputational damage. Let us take this burden off your shoulders.

Automated File Conversion to PDF

All datasets uploaded to, including email threads, documents, and handwritten notes, are automatically converted into PDFs ready for future redaction.

Bulk Deduplication

Reduce the number of files to be processed by eliminating duplicates, near duplicates, and clutter. Typically, clients shrink their file size by three times through smart analysis and bulk deduplication.

Identification of Personal Data analyses and automatically identifies third-party data, doctors' or clinicians' data, and medical record contamination.

Risk Indicators

Set up medical terms or expressions in as risk indicators. Use risk indicators to swiftly navigate to harmful data and redact sensitive information accordingly. This process reduces the impact on users' mental health, as most subject data is highly traumatic. Risk indicators serve to minimise this exposure.

Bulk Redaction

The bulk redaction feature in allows users to accomplish thousands of redactions across the entire dataset with a single click, making the redacting process a breeze.

Smart Tagging and Notes

Reviewing medical records by frontline clinicians is time-consuming and costly for hospitals. helps clinicians navigate directly to the questionable parts of the SAR, skipping the need to trawl through hundreds of pages.

Secure Disclosure

After reviewing and redacting third-party information, harmful, or sensitive data across the entire dataset, the SAR response can be securely disclosed externally via a secure link.

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