Simplify your Subject Access Requests

Intuitive Importing
Smart Analysis
Effortless Redaction
Project Tracking & Collaboration
Security & Defensibility
Save time and stay compliant with our purpose-built, AI-powered platform. Use the smartest tools to import, redact and protect your unstructured and sensitive data. 

Intuitive Importing


Get started quickly and easily by dragging and dropping your files straight from your desktop

Any file type

Upload any file type, including emails and attachments, .pst files, all standard office documents, PDFs, chatbox, ZIP files, and more

Automated indexing

Our AI reads and indexes every word as it’s uploaded, saving you time

Smart Analysis

Visual data tools

Optimise accuracy by viewing each category of sensitive information in one place

Terms index

Easily review each word in your documents, track the redaction count, and securely export the terms for sharing

Clear categorisation

Easily identify PII with automatic categorisation of all your sensitive data

Optical Chracter Recognition

OCR reads scanned documents to enable them for analysis and redaction

Effortless Redaction

Set your parameters

Control which categories need to be redacted with a list of parameters to choose from

Manual redaction

View any document at any time and manually redact terms quickly and easily

Export terms

Review for accuracy by exporting all redacted and non-redacted terms

Bulk redaction

Instantly redact what you need to with the click of a button, even on scanned documents and images

Review tools

Quick search, draw tool, annotate, and spell check, all with our Smartview function

Final review

Check the final redacted document before securely sending

Project Tracking & Collaboration

Requests dashboard

Keep track of every request at a glance with status updates and time left to complete

Email automation

Keep all communication within the platform, with the option to add your organisation’s email address

User Management

Stay in control of your data by assigning different access levels to each user

Security & Defensibility

Data encryption

Safely manage all your data in our secure cloud environment, with data encryption at every stage

Protect originals uses secure copies of documents, ensuring that your originals are safe from any changes

Full audit trails

Keep track of the process with full audit trails, allowing you to quickly prove your secure processes to the ICO

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