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Why is an advanced, hyper-scalable AI-based solution that helps organisations process DSARs with ease by helping them automatically DISCOVER and DEDUPE relevant structured and unstructured data, COLLABORATE with their colleagues, REDACT information at speed, SHARE disclosures securely, and keep TRACK of where they are with each DSARs request, in a secure environment.

Process Information Requests for a fraction of the cost is an affordable solution to a problem that can easily run into £1,000s worth of work hours.

Build a secure and defensible process is ISO 27001 certified, fully encrypted and provides a full audit trail to give you peace of mind over your data.

Redact information within gigabytes of data with a few clicks

Smart Analysis and Bulk Redaction features can slash the review and redaction time of Subject Access Requests by up to 90%, turning hundreds of hours into tens.

Increase productivity through collaboration

Create and manage teams within your environment to enable collaboration  and process Requests more efficiently.

Who is it for? 

Data Protection Officers

For many organisations, DPOs are the go-to when it comes to tackling Subject Access Requests. These Requests can quickly build up and become increasingly difficult to complete within the time-limit. introduces automation to this process, allowing DPOs to search, redact and review within entires data-sets in a matter of clicks. also provides the capabilities to take greater control of your organisation's unstructured data estate. The platform's smart analysis offers detailed insights into the data you hold, enabling you to take more informed actions.

Human Resources

A significant proportion of Subject Access Requests are submitted by current or former employees and so the burden of data collection and/or processing often falls upon HR.

Trawling through emails to identify and then redact sensitive information can be extremely time-consuming and difficult to maintain accuracy.

With simply upload any files that might be relevant, our AI will identify sensitive information and you can bulk redact everything in just a few clicks.


Whether an in-house team managing your organisation's Subject Access Requests or an independent firm providing a service for clients, can vastly reduce the time it takes to complete a Request.

We estimate that our AI-powered analysis and bulk redaction will save up to 90% of the review and redaction time alone.

Additionally, the platform's search and indexing features can also be deployed in discovery if required. Built-in Optical Character Recognition means is capable, whether you're dealing with digital or written documents.

What our customers are saying

“User-friendly bulk redaction is a great time-saver.
The support team was also very helpful and quick to respond.”

– Chris Albert, The Privacy Worx

“ saved us so much time completing a Subject Access Request. The ability to redact hundreds of documents at once is a game-changer.”

– Paul Hatcher, Music Licensing Solutions

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